They create humus soil.

They reduce the effects of drought.

HUMUS ONE is a product which can be used and applied based on the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development No. 426/16 as mineral organic soil fertilizer. Approval for its use in organic farming no. NE / 325/2016.


Fertility of soils.

 Fertile soils contain more than 3.5% of humus. When this level decreases below 3%, it indicates the beginning of the desertification process. The average content of the organic matter in our soil is below 1.5%, it is estimated that 89% of soil in Poland is of poor quality.

Mineral fertilization.

Humus is formed during the process involving the microbiological decomposition of the organic matter. It is responsible for soil fertility and productivity. Organic fertilization is most significant as far as the fertility of the soil is concerned. If organic fertilization is not possible, the solution is to use humic acids, in other words concentrated humus.


Effect of humic acids HUMUS ONE:

they retain water in the soil preventing the drought they stimulate the growth of bacteria responsible for the formation of humus they accelerate the development of the root system for efficient absorption of nutrients they release phosphorus and potassium stored in the soil